• In au bain-marie: natural without frills

    Written by Hanneke Dassen on 27 augustus 2015

You can give your fish fillets a lovely flavour with herbs or a marinade, but sometimes a fillet ‘au naturel’ is simply the best! Au bain-marie is the perfect preparation method for this and it is also ideal for people on a low-salt diet. Moreover, the handy vacuum packaging makes preparation very easy.

  1. Heat water in a pan over a medium heat until boiling. Turn down the heat, because the water may not boil!
  2. Put the frozen fillet in its vacuum packaging in the water.Leg de bevroren visfilets in het water
  3. Gently cook the fillet in approximately 15 minutes until done.
  4. Open the vacuum packaging with a pair of scissors and serve the fillet with a garnish of your choice.Knip de vacuumverpakking open


Written by Hanneke Dassen

op 27 augustus 2015