• BBQ tips for fish

    Written by Queens on 27 augustus 2015

Tips for barbecuing with fish from Simone’s Kitchen blog: Fish is ideal for weekdays as it’s cooked quickly, but it’s also great for an evening with friends around the BBQ. But fish doesn’t always work on the BBQ. So there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind.

  1. Fish has a short preparation time. So long before that piece of meat is finished braising away, your fish is well ready for eating.
  2. Fish falls apart quickly, so take this into consideration and make sure you don’t put fish such as plaice or cod on the BBQ. It is possible, but you have to go about it in a different way.
  3. For example, you can use special fish tongs, but in my experience they are especially suitable for whole fish. A fillet is harder to grill and still tends to fall apart.
  4. You can make lovely little skewers. Salmon is very suitable for this, but make sure that you spear it properly and all the salmon segments are on the skewer. This usually means that you spear the skewers through the width of the salmon…
  5. Cod or – in this case – tilapia, can be wrapped in a thin slice of bacon, for example. This way, the fish does not fall apart and has an extra nice flavour.
  6. Make sure you oil the fish well before you put it on the BBQ. Nothing is more annoying than when everything sticks to the grill. For skewers, I like to use a ‘sausage holder’. With a little effort, it will hold the skewers, although they will be slightly squashed.
  7. Also make sure that the BBQ is clean, because remaining pieces of food also tend to stick to the fish.
  8. Do not turn the fish ten times on the BBQ. Try to grill one side, turn it carefully (spatula and tongs are essential!) and then grill the other side. Turn it ten times and the fish is sure to fall apart.Simones kitchen Tilapia bacon spiesjes 600x440

Written by Queens

op 27 augustus 2015