• Queens’ pride: sustainably farmed basa

    Written by Hanneke Dassen

Queens basa was the first in the world to receive the ASC quality mark in 2012. And we are proud of it!

In 2002, Queens started a cooperation with the basa supplier Vinh Hoan from Vietnam. This resulted in the introduction of the basa fish in the Netherlands. By now the basa has become the most frequently consumed fish in our country!

Due to the global success of the basa, Vinh Hoan has become Vietnam’s leading producer. Vinh Hoan is managed by a very passionate entrepreneur, Ms Khanh. Not only does she have an eye for sustainability and quality, she also actively works on the living and working conditions of her employees. She also does a lot for charity for the surrounding area, for example by supporting poverty and student funds and associations for the elderly. She also has an eye for nature and uses the sludge from the pond floors to fertilise plants and vegetation.

So Vinh Hoan’s sustainability philosophy goes further than the production of fish.

In 2012, Queens basa was the first in the world to receive the ASC quality mark and we are very proud of it. This is the result of the tightly controlled farming process, in which Vinh Hoan has been the forerunner for many years now. For example, the fish are responsibly farmed and processed from egg to fillet. This process, including the production of the fish feed, is completely integrated in Vinh Hoan’s production chain.

Vinh Hoan and Queens share the passion for the basa. This results in a unique and sustainable cooperation!

Written by Hanneke Dassen